One-on-One Coaching and Consulting

Looking to take your personal development up a notch? Maybe you have a goal you need help with and you want a ‘real’ accountability partner. Or, maybe you need a dedicated mentor to bounce ideas and decisions off of?

Whatever you need help with, shoot me an email at and I’ll reach out to set up a Hangout or Skype call to chat about your goals.

You can also join me on Slack where we can have one-on-one discussions about your goals in real time. Join the Slack Channel.

Interested in Guest Blogging? Become a Daily New Years Guest Blogger Today!

I’m looking for content contributors and guest bloggers for Daily New Years and would love to hear from you! If you’re passionate about self-improvement and have expertise in any of the topics I cover, please contact me about doing some guest blogging. I would love to hear from you!

Be a Guest on the DNY Podcast

Later this year I’m going to be launching the Daily New Years Podcast where I’ll discuss topics similar to the blog. Topics will include (but not be limited to) Personal Development, Goal-Crushing Techniques, Health and Wellness Tips and Tricks, Leadership and Mentorship Skills, Finance and Budget Strategies, and more! I even plan to do book reviews as I crank through my reading list.

I’ll always be looking for exciting guests to join me on the podcast. If that interests you, reach out to me here or at and let me know.

Advertising and Affiliates

Do our brands have a lot in common? Maybe we serve in the same space or use many of the same tools and resources.

If so, let’s chat about a partnership and see if it’s a match. I’m always looking to build relationships and partnerships that make sense for the DNY community. Email me at and we’ll talk.

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