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What’s going on, everyone! Welcome to another episode of the Daily New Year’s Podcast.

Every other Wednesday I love delivering life-changing, exciting, and actionable content to people just like you—people who could be doing anything right now, but you’re here, investing your time in this podcast.

I Zoom with interesting people—people far wiser than myself—about how they came to be where they are today. Success, failure, strategy, trial-and-error, inspiration, motivation, focus—I like to cover it all so that you can apply life lessons from people around the world to your own life, and today I’m going deep with Tyler Christensen.

Tyler slowly became overweight over the course of 20 years and woke up one day to find himself in the “morbidly obese” classification. His wife, concerned about his health and about becoming a single parent, had an intervention with Tyler. After that, everything changed.

“It wasn’t because I wasn’t trying—it wasn’t because I didn’t care about my wife or my kids—it’s because I hadn’t found the right formula for success yet. And so, I recommitted to her that night, ‘okay, that I was going to make some changes in my life.'”

And make changes he did. Tyler struggled for several months as he looked for a successful weight-loss formula but when he found it, he lost 102 pounds in one year.

Weight loss, health, and fitness look different to everyone, but in this episode, we’re going to explore Tyler’s story, talk about his failures, and dig into his successes.

Are you ready for a surge of inspiration? Are you ready to hear Tyler’s incredible story? If so, let’s go!

Show Notes

  • Getting to Know Tyler, The Cliffnotes Version – [02:47]
  • Tyler’s Struggle with Obesity (306 pounds at 6 feet tall) – [03:47]
  • The Long Road to a Weight Loss Mindset – [04:58]
  • 20 Years of Trying, Interventions, and Experimentation – [06:07]
  • Summer Time Success, Losing 100 Pounds in One Year – [08:07]
  • Looking Beyond Short Term Events for Long Term Motivation – [11:05]
  • The Power of an Accountability Partner – [12:28]
  • Sometimes You Just Have to Throw Your Goals Out the Window – [14:14]
  • Finding Opportunites in Uncomfortable Places – [17:14]
  • Ignore the Fluctuations, What Matters is the Trend – [18:51]
  • The Secret to Maintaining Long Term Success – [23:22]
  • How the Brain Learns More During Activity – [26:41]
  • The Many Myths of Losing Weight – [28:30]
  • Tyler’s Side Hustle as a Celebrity Web Designer – [30:12]
  • The Power of Goal Setting in Tyler’s Life – [35:36]
  • Tyler’s One Piece of Actionable Advice: Try Something New – [37:21]
  • The Importance of Leaving a Legacy – [40:19]
  • Connecting with Tyler – [41:38]

About Tyler Christensen

Tyler Christensen is a teacher, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and family man. He has spent 15 years in classrooms as an elementary, middle school, and university instructor.

Tyler has published two books, is the founder of a national recruiting service for student-athletes, an academic journal for those preparing to teach, a web design firm specializing in celebrity websites, and Virtual School Assembly, a new platform serving students stuck at home during COVID-19.

Tyler recently lost 103 pounds and went from not being to run a mile without walking in 2018 to completing a double marathon in 2019. When he’s not teaching, working on his businesses, or training for a race Tyler is doing his most important work—spending time with his incredible wife and four amazing kids.

Connect with Tyler Christensen

Website | Virtual School Assembly | After the Run | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Quotes from this Episode

“That’s the thing with setting goals, right? We get really good at failing, and the people who don’t accomplish their goals are the ones who fail and then stop trying.” —Tyler Christensen

“Anything I do now, I want to be able to do 20 years from now.” —Tyler Christensen

“What Matters is the Trend.”—Tyler Christensen

People Mentioned in this Episode

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