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Hey, what’s going on, everyone!

You may have noticed, but the Daily New Year’s podcast disappeared unexpectedly last July. Sorry to leave you hanging!

Last year I decided to write my first ever book, Crush Your Goals!, and to do that, I decided to put the blog and podcast on hold. You can read a little bit about my adventures since then in this blog post. The whole process was only supposed to take about 90 days, but I put so much effort into this book that it took far longer.

Anyway, I’m back now, and I’m reviving the podcast. I was digging through my files and realized that I had recorded an episode with my good friend and mastermind group member, Stephen Schott, last year right before putting everything on hold.

So, I wanted to publish that post. Stephen and I both enjoy reading about personal development, psychology, health, and mindset (among dozens of other things), so this is a wide-ranging conversation with a little something for everyone.

Enjoy! I’ll see you on the inside.

Show Notes

  • Getting to know Stephen Schott – [03:31]
  • Stephen’s, Quick Quotes on Snapchat – [06:20]
  • Stephen’s Journey: Financial Advising, Bar Fights, and Low Points – [08:10]
  • Struggles are the Things that Make You Great – [10:06]
  • Personal Development: Taking Action on What You Learn – [11:53]
  • Are You Stuck Being Who You Are After Turning 25? – [12:46]
  • Mastering Your Thoughts and the Way You Think – [16:55]
  • Talking to Yourself in a Different Way – [17:56]
    • Self Affirmations, Positive Self-Talk, and More
  • Getting Up Early and Building Confidence – [20:04]
  • David Goggins’ 40% Rule – [21:27]
  • Intentionally Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do – [22:22]
  • Mel Robbins, the Reticular Activating System, and Focusing on Your Goals – [26:56]
  • Setting Your Goals too Low – [27:52]
  • Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule – [30:20]
  • Converting “I can’t” to “How can I?” – [31:52]
  • Wants, Desires, Self-Actualization, and Discovering Your True Potential – [32:59]
  • Living Life by Default or By Design. Gratitude vs. Being Content. – [36:06]
  • What is Dureable Fullfillment? Happiness, Success, & Freedom – [37:22]
  • Aspiring to New Levels in Life – [38:44]
  • Is Growing More or Needing More Important to You? – [40:06]
    • What would you do if you had unlimited money?
  • Self-Limiting Beliefs and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies – [43:06]
  • Goals with a Deeper Purpose Lead to Passion and Drive – [44:26]
  • Final Thoughts and Connecting with Stephen – [45:47]

About Stephen Schott

Stephen Schott is a Realtor and mentor to new investors in Southeast Missouri. Investing in real estate for the better part of a decade, he now aims to help other people achieve financial freedom, using real estate as that tool to do so.

Stephen is also heavily involved in his community and he loves giving talks, hosting classes, and volunteering his time. To learn more follow his Facebook page, Stephen Schott BBB&Co or give him a call or email at 573-318-4942 /

Connect with Stephen | Snapchat | Facebook | LinkedIn | Email | Call Stephen

Quotes from this Episode

“Do the things you don’t wanna do so you can have the life that you wanna have.” —Stephen Schott

“I’d rather shoot for the stars and miss than to shoot for the moon and make it every time.” —Stephen Schott

“The higher you climb, the more people you can ultimately help.” —Austin Bollinger

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