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Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of the Daily Newy Year’s podcast!

Recently I’ve been releasing more content on health, wellness, mindset, psychology, sleep habits, and nutrition and less about goal-setting strategies, prioritization techniques, and other content that is zeroed in on goal setting.


Because, as Goal Getters, we can’t maintain long-term, high-performance in our lives without good health, both mentally and physically. External, physical health is easier to see, but mental health, more specifically, what’s going on in our brains, is nearly impossible to see.

Poor nutrition, insufficient sleep, too much screen time, excessive exposure to negativity—all of these things can have lasting effects on the brain, causing poor focus, memory issues, and more. How can we Crush Our Goals if our brains aren’t operating at 100%?

We can’t!

Joining us today is Nick Bolhuis and he’s going to provide a mountain of valuable takeaways that we can all use to improve our brain health, our focus, our performance, and so much more.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Show Notes

  • Getting to Know Nick Bolhuis and Neuropeak Pro – [02:32]
  • QEEG Technology – The Brain is a Super Computer – [04:54]
  • How to Keep Your Brain from Shrinking After the Age of 40 – [06:06]
  • How to Improve Your Life Using the 10% Rule – [10:32]
  • Improving Health Through Mindfulness and Gratitude – [12:56]
  • Correlation Between Screen Time and Mental Health – [13:35]
  • Accountability Apps to Help You Focus and Hydrate More – [14:43]
  • Improving Nutrition by Adding Good Things Before Removing the Bad – [17:19]
  • How to Know if You Have Focus Issues if You’re Not Sure – [19:45]
  • Better Sleep Using Blue Light Filters and Sleeping Masks – [22:01]
  • Helping High-Performing Athletes Perform Even Better – [23:34]
  • Best Over-the-Counter Vitamins for Optimal Brain Health – [27:45]
  • What’s the One Thing You Would Ask Listeners to Do – [29:55]
  • The Main Reason We Sleep is Memory Consolidation – [32:03]
  • Night Owls vs. Early Risers, Trainable or Not? – [34:10]
  • Connecting with Nick Bolhuis and Neuropeak Pro – [37:38]

About Nick Bolhuis

Nick Bolhuis is the Vice President of Clinical Services at Neuropeak Pro in Grand Rapids Michigan. He has extensive experience working with teams and athletes in the NBA, NFL, and NHL. He and his team also work with numerous professional golfers on the PGA, LPGA, and Korn Ferry tours.

Nick has also worked with several Olympic athletes and professional tennis players looking to maximize their brain performance and he’s spent several years leading Neuroanalytic Evaluations for prospective NBA draft prospects.

Beyond work in the athletic realm, Nick has lead teams that conduct corporate evaluation and training programs designed to promote and improve employee wellness initiatives. Nick has also aided executive search firms in the pursuit of high-ranking candidates.

He has a strong clinical background focused on working with individuals of all ages dealing with issues related to focus, stress, mood conditions, and sleep concerns.

Connect with Nick | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Website

Quotes from this Episode

“You don’t need to be diagnosed with something to improve your brain health and your brain performance.” —Nick Bolhuis

“If you’re going to spend money on supplements, get the good stuff.” —Nick Bolhuis

Links and Resources from this Episode

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