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Hey, what’s going on everyone? Today’s episode of the podcast is an exciting one! We’re about to dive into a ton of content that, before today, I had heard almost nothing about.

Genomics, Epigenetics, Biological Age vs. Chronological Age: we’re going to cover a ton of interesting stuff with Health Optimizer and Performance Coach, Julian Hayes II, and I’m confident that you’re going to learn a ton of cool stuff. I know I did!

If you want to feel better, think better, and optimize your health and performance for this thing called life, buckle up because this episode is going to be a wild ride.

Here we go!

Show Notes

  • Getting to Know Julian and his Origin Story – [02:07]
  • Deciding to Go to (and Drop Out of) Medical School – [03:47]
  • Overcoming the Safety of School and Following Dreams – [05:54]
  • Using the Fear of Future Regret to Find Courage – [07:07]
  • Samari’s Meditate on Death. Travel to the Future. – [08:24]
  • How Julian Started his Art of Fitness and Life Firm – [09:21]
  • Our Genes are not Necessarily our Destiny. Explaining Epigenetics – [11:03]
  • We’re All Uniquely Us; There’s No One Way to Do Things – [13:21]
  • How Do You Know What’s Best for You? – [15:12]
  • Why is Health Optimization So Important – [18:43]
  • Preconception Epigenetics. Optimizing Your Health for Your Kids – [20:37]
  • Epigenetics and Generational Impact – [21:43]
  • Instant Gratification vs Long Term Health – [23:29]
  • Tips and Tricks for Getting Started with Epigenetics – [24:50]
  • Changing 30% of Your Genes in 30 Minutes – [26:54]
  • Combatting Bad Sleep Habits & Stress and Their Impact on Our Health – [27:24]
  • Sleep Deprivation and the Effects on the Brain. Logic vs. Emotion – [29:44]
  • Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain – [31:19]
  • Tips and Tricks for Fixing Bad Sleep Habits – [32:55]
  • Brendan Burchard’s 3-2-1 Rule for Sleep – [36:18]
  • Blue Light Glasses and Apps for Better Sleep – [37:00]
  • Apps and Online Services for Testing Your Biological Age – [37:52]
  • Reduce Your Biological Age, Even Lower than Your Chronological Age – [39:33]
  • The Biggest Improvements can Be in the Area of Stress and Mindset – [42:06]
  • You Have More Control than Your Realize – [42:59]
  • The Major Difference Between Health Span and Life Span – [43:39]
  • Finding a Workout Style that Keeps You Excited – [44:20]

About Julian Hayes II

Julian is the founder of The Art Of Fitness & Life. He helps business leaders and entrepreneurs optimize their health, energy, and personal performance with precision by leveraging their genetics.

His expertise lies in helping his clients create custom health and wellness plans that are based on data, genetic testing and analysis, body composition tests, cognitive testing, brain scans and lifestyle assessments. By leveraging the information obtained from multiple precision-based tests, he is able to help his clients undergo a comprehensive upgrade to every aspect of their lives so they can achieve and sustain peak physiological and cognitive performance.

As a result of his work at The Art Of Fitness & Life, he has been invited to speak at several conferences and provides advice on media outlets like Inc, Entrepreneur, Success, Business Insider, Elite Daily, and more.

He comes to us today to teach us strategies and tactics that will help us improve our physical and mental abilities so we can live happier, more productive and successful lives.

Connect with Julian Hayes II

WebsiteTwitter | LinkedIn | Email

Juian’s Podcast: Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs

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