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Hey, what’s up, everyone! Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Daily New Year’s podcast. I’m so excited today because I’m featuring one of my self-published classmates from Chandler Bolt’s Self-Publishing School.

Joining us today is Jennifer Teske. I was on the launch team for Jennifer’s book Live, Love, and Hack Life: A Fresh Look at Understanding Law of Attraction. When I read it, I knew I just had to have her on the podcast.

I used to have serious doubts about the Law of Attraction and overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs through the power of self-affirmations—until I read this book. Whether you’re totally new to Law of Attraction, or you have doubts of your own, this episode of the podcast is for you. Tune in, check it out, and be sure to grab a copy of Jen’s book.

Let’s go!

Show Notes

  • A High Level Look at Law of Attraction – [03:50]
  • When is Law of Attraction Happening? – [06:03]
  • We Don’t Attract Everything into our Lives – [07:42]
  • Law of Attraction is a lot Like Gravity – [10:20]
  • What are Manifestations and How are they Connected to Law of Attraction? – [12:23]
  • Law of Attraction and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies – [16:43]
  • The Three Categories of Law of Attraction: All, Some, or None – [20:07]
  • Making Decisions and Being Decisive – [24:52]
  • Dealing with Disappointment by Realigning Expectations – [27:11]
  • Focus, Clarity, and Knowing What You Want – [30:20]
  • Law of Attraction is Always Working – [32:26]
  • How Beliefs are Formed and How They Influence Attraction – [33:48]
  • Using Self-Affirmations to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs – [38:32]
  • Converting Self-Limiting Beliefs into Power Statements – [39:54]
  • Low of Attraction is About How You Define Yourself – [44:39]
  • With Law of Attraction, You Have to Press the Gas and Take Action – [47:57]
  • Accept the Unexpected; You Never Know What is Coming – [50:08]
  • Connecting with Jennifer and Grabbing the Book – [51:41]

About Jennifer Teske

Jennifer is a full time working mother devoted to her husband Scott and daughter Makayla. Her interest in law of attraction grew organically over ten ago years when she began noticing it working in her own life. Her background in science, love of writing, and perceptive nature resulted in her documenting law of attraction events when they occurred.

Watching the movie the Secret opened Pandora’s box. By studying what had been written on how law of attraction was supposed to work, and comparing that to her own experiences, Jennifer began to piece together gaps in knowledge around law of attraction she felt were not adequately explained. Live, Love, and Hack Life was born.

The book attempts to fill those gaps, and in the process gives readers a straightforward, simple way to practice law of attraction that aligns with personal growth and achievement of dreams.

Connect with Jennifer | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Website | Twitter

Get Jen’s book, Live, Love, and Hack Life: A Fresh Look at Understanding Law of Attraction, on Amazon.

Photo of Jennifer Teske's book, Live, Love, and Hack Life
Photo of Jennifer Teske's book, Live, Love, and Hack Life: A Fresh Look at Understanding Law of Attraction

Quotes from this Episode

“A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking.” —Esther Hicks

“Accept the Unexpected.” —Jennifer Teske

“That’s what Law of Attraction is; it’s the alignment of ideal situations.” —Jennifer Teske

“Law of Attraction isn’t about the things you want, it’s about how you define yourself.” —Jennifer Teske

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