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Hey, what’s up, everyone! Welcome back to another episode of the Daily New Year’s podcast. Today we’re talking to someone who lives her life on the go. Some part of me has always wanted to live in an RV while traveling the country, and Glenda Hoon Russell of the Status Foe is doing just that, but that’s not all she’s doing.

I don’t want to spoil her story, but after the passing of both her parents, both of which were newly retired and “ready to start living,” Glenda and her husband, Kris, decided that they wanted to start living life sooner rather than later.

Why do we wait to live our lives after retirement? Why do so many of us fall victim to the status quo? How is it possible to find freedom at any stage in life? How can we afford to find freedom if we don’t have a huge savings account?

Glenda Hoon Russell has found the answers to these questions and more, and she’s sharing them with us here, on the Daily New Year’s Podcast.

Are you ready to ditch the status quo? Are you ready to find your freedom so that you can start living TODAY? Tune in and enjoy this exciting episode of the podcast.

Here we go!

Show Notes

  • Getting to Know Glenda Hoon Russell, Her Story – [02:19]
  • Don’t Wait to Live Your Life, Start Living Now – [04:27]
  • Glenda’s Intro to the RV Life, More Adventure, More Living – [07:06]
  • The Status Foe: How to Ditch the Status Quo – [10:26]
  • Defining Freedom and Exploring the Two Types of Freedom – [13:33]
  • Glenda’s 3 Cornerstones to Freedom
    • Achieve Financial Independence – [15:41]
    • Minimalism: How to Make Room in Your Life for More of What You Want – [22:42]
    • Mindfulness: How to be More Present in Life – [23:56]
  • One Extraordinary Exercise to Build Your Dream Life – [25:48]
  • Build Your Ideal Deal One Thing at a Time, Start Small – [30:50]
  • The Five Buddist Remembrances (I Am Dying) – [34:05]
  • Self Improvement and Personal Growth is a Continuous Journey – [41:02]
  • Goal Settings Role in Glenda’s Life – [45:27]
  • Feeling Stuck? Find Your Spark and Fuel Your Fire – [47:09]
  • Glenda’s Mantra: Kindness Wins – [50:54]
  • Connecting with Glenda & Her New Book – [53:58]

About Glenda Hoon Russell

Glenda is a Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Writer and she’s been through a few life experiences that have influenced the person that she is today: losing both of her parents at a young age, dealing with a 10-year secret eating disorder, four job layoffs, anxiety through the roof, and a whole lot of self-hate, to name a few.

She’s been on a wild ride, and she’s so grateful for her experiences because they taught her the lessons she needed to be the person she is today. The Status Foe is a place that questions the status quo. She loves the question of why and asks it often.

She teaches her audiences the same tools she uses every day on how to find and keep their inner peace and cultivate the courage to create a life on their terms.

She not only speaks about creating a life on your terms, but she also lives what she preaches. She and her husband have been traveling and working remotely in their RV since 2017. She believes freedom is the new black—freedom from debt, freedom from living life on autopilot, freedom from societal conditioning, and freedom of choice.

Connect with Glenda

Website | Email | Instagram | TikTok | LinkedIn | YouTube | Facebook

Join Glenda’s book launch team and help her launch her new book, The Status Foe.

Quotes from this Episode

Temporary pain for a peaceful gain.—Glenda Hoon Russell

“Freedom for me means, the freedom of choice. It’s the ability to understand that, in most of our decisions and in most of our behaviors, we have a choice in how we move forward.” —Glenda Hoon Russell

“Money is not a big monset that’s hindering us from doing the things we want; it’s an avenue opportunity.” —Glenda Hoon Russell

“Kindness is the medicine of the world, of humanity, of the Earth, or the Universe” —Glenda Hoon Russell

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