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Today on the podcast I have special guest Erin Miller. Erin came to work with me at Element 74 (which is my day job) back in 2017 and I had the privilege of a mentoring her from time to time as she explored various goals and career opportunities in her life.

Last year, Erin left Element 74 to pursue a career as a copywriter. In addition to writing for a living, she tends her blog Hello Sunshine Collective, with tips on living an organized life, and finding personal and spiritual growth opportunities in everyday life.

Erin occasionally guest writes for Daily New Year’s and has graciously agreed to join me on the show today to talk about the importance and power of mentorship.

Show Notes

  • What is Mentorship? – [04:54]
  • A Role Model vs. A Mentor – [05:25]
  • Do Books, Videos, and Podcasts Count? – [07:40]
  • Mentorship Requires Active Engagement – [09:00]
  • Addressing Blindspots – [11:25]
  • Mentorship is More than Just Advice – [12:54]
  • How do You Find a New Mentor? – [14:55]
  • A Mentor Should be Different from You – [18:33]
  • Mentorship can be Challenging and Uncomfortable – [21:00]
  • Mentoring is not Just Cheer Leading – [22:57]
  • Evaluate Your Mentorship and Adjust – [27:00]

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