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Show Notes

  • What is Time Blocking? – [03:25]
  • How Long Should Time Blocks Be? – [06:30]
  • Batching Small Tasks – [08:30]
  • Knocking Out Large Tasks – [09:30]
  • Breaking Down Huge Tasks – [10:46]
  • Getting Started with Time Blocking
  • 1. Start with your goals for the week. – [12:55]
  • 2. Map out your “big three” goals, or time blocks. – [13:16]
  • 3. Leave two blocks for batched tasks, like communication. -[13:48]
  • 4. Commit the blocks to your calendar and guard this time. – [14:52]
  • 5. Review your big three goals at the end of each day. – [15:58]

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