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Today on the podcast I have special guest Elyse Lyons, a.k.a. The Savvy Sagittarius and she is a prime example of someone who is chasing a meaningful goal for herself.

A friend of mine has been following Elyse for quite some time and turned me onto her Instagram feed a little while back. Since then, I’ve been impressed and inspired by what Elyse is doing, not only in her own life but for the debt-free community as well. Elyse has graciously agreed to join me on the show today to tell her story and talk a little bit about goal setting.

Elyse is 23 years old and she started her #debtfreejourney on January 1st, 2017 with $900 in credit card debt, $2,500 in auto loans, and over $31,000 in student loans. It all totaled about $34,000 in debt. At 22 years old, she was anxious for her financial future, so she set a big goal and she’s been crushing it ever since.

Show Notes

  • How the Savvy Sagittarius Came to Be – [02:05]
  • Talking Horoscopes – [02:47]
  • How the Debt-Free Journey Started – [04:19]
  • It’s Never too Late to Get Started – [06:30]
  • Talking Motivations – [09:25]
  • Accountability – [11:28]
  • Tracking Progress – [13:30]
  • Overcoming Struggles, Setbacks, and Self-Limiting Doubts – [16:13]
  • Training for a Half Marathon – [19:10]
  • Share Your Goals, Have Cheerleaders for Your Life, and Inspire Others – [20:50]
  • Building an Instagram Following – [22:38]
  • Long-Term Blogging Goals – [25:08]
  • Elyse’s Number 1 Advice – [27:50]

Quotes from This Episode

“You don’t make a goal with the intention of being perfect at it. You make a goal with the intention of being better than you are when you make that goal.”Elyse Lyons @thesavvysagittarius

Links and Resources from this Episode

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