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If you’ve been following along with Daily New Year’s you know, I’m all about setting exciting goals. But goal setting isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.

Setting goals can be tough, challenging, and downright difficult – it can make you want to give up!

What can we do when nothing seems to move the needle on your goals? What can we do when willpower isn’t enough?

Today on the podcast I have special guest Dr. LaTanya Moore, and we discuss how to navigate the ups and downs of goal setting.

Show Notes

  • Getting to Know Dr. LaTanya Moore – [02:30]
  • Driving My Dreams Course and eBook – [04:40]
  • Awesome Goal-Setting Strategies – [09:23]
    • Create “Meaty” Goals – [06:50]
    • Connect to a ‘Why’ – [10:08]
    • Be Strategic with Your Action Steps / a.k.a. Domino Goals – [10:33]
  • What’s Missing from Goal Setting? – [11:15]
  • Address and Acknowledge Your Self-Limiting Beliefs – [12:15]

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  • Use Accountability Partners to Spot Your Blind Spots – [13:55]
    • The Difference Between Role Models, Cheerleaders, and Accountability Partners – [15:00]
    • Building a Mentor Committee – [15:50]
  • Should you rely on willpower or motivation to drive your goals forward? – [16:45]
  • How can someone find motivation? – [18:10]
  • How can someone tell the difference between challenging goals and pursuing the wrong goal? – [19:35]
  • Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Troublesome Goals – [24:20]
    • Plan Ahead – [25:10]
    • The “Rear View Mirror Effect” – [26:15]
  • Has there ever been a time when you had trouble achieving a goal that you really wanted? How did you overcome the challenges? – [27:55]
  • Timing is Most Important for Goal Setting – [29:30]
  • “Seeds Won’t Grow in the Wrong Season” – [31:35]
  • Spotting and Overcoming Obstacles and Stumbling Blocks – [32:15]
  • Connecting with Dr. Moore – [35:45]
'Seeds won't grow in the wrong season. If you plant something in the wrong season, it won't grow, but if you plant it in another season, another time, then it will grow all over the place.'Click To Tweet

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About Dr. LaTanya Moore

Dr. Moore is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Implementation Specialist. Dr. Moore seeks to utilize her knowledge of behavior change and strategic implementation stages to help individuals and organizations create effective goals, develop the capacity to meet goals and create successful outcomes.

Working with various evidenced-based programs has allowed Dr. Moore to work closely with individuals to think beyond current skills and abilities but to push the limit and create goals that require a greater sense of belief for them to manifest.

Dr. Moore is the founder of Driving My Dreams, a course was created when Dr. Moore had a vision of uplifting others through goal setting. The vision was clear, concise, and included much detail about her responsibility to motivate and address some of the concepts that are often omitted.

Driving My Dreams is a personal mission that God called for Dr. Moore to manifest for anyone looking to thrust themselves from neutral to drive.

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