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Hey, what’s up, everyone! Welcome back to another info-packed episode of the Daily New Year’s podcast. If you’re new to the show, we cover all things goal setting, personal development, mentorship, mindset, productivity & organization, and leadership.

Joining us today is Adam Sinkus, and he is bringing us a wealth of knowledge around the topic of Culture-Driven Leadership. Good culture and excellent leadership in the workplace is very near and dear to my heart because we spend a huge percentage of our lives at work, and if the culture is bad, then life can be truly miserable.

Culture means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but today, Adam is going to demystify what it means to have good culture. He’s also going to explain what culture is NOT, how to go about building an amazing culture, and so much more.

If you’re a leader at any level (and I believe everyone is), then this episode is absolutely for you!

Show Notes

  • Getting to Know Adam—How He Became a Culture Expert – [02:26]
  • What Does “Culture” Really Mean? – [07:09]
  • Is a “Family Culture” a Real Thing? Is It Good? – [09:32]
  • Scaling Beyond the Small, Family Culture – [11:07]
  • What is the Difference Between a Boss and a Leader? – [14:12]
  • How do Organizational and Individual Goals Play a Role in Culture? – [16:27]
  • Adam Sinkus’s ACES Leadership Model – [18:22]
    • Acknowledge – [19:05]
    • Cultivate – [19:57]
    • Empower – [20:41]
    • Strengthen – [21:31]
  • Accessing Success and Failures. After Action Reports – [22:29]
  • Positivity Breeds Positivity: Talking About Success in a Meaningful Way – [23:57]
  • Culture is More than Nap Pods and Free Lunches – [25:11]
  • Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Building Great Culture – [29:08]
  • Organize a Cohesive Culture Message Throughout the Organization – [30:34]
  • Develop a Culture Leader; a Chief Culture Officer – [31:12]
  • Maslow’s Heirarchy of Human Needs’ Role in Culture – [34:11]
  • Servant Leadership in Culture – [39:07]
  • The Most Dangerous Types of Companies for Building Culture – [42:16]
  • Adam’s Book on His ACES Leadership Model, Coming Soon – [44:07]
photo of Adam Sinkus on the Daily New Year's Podcast with Austin Bollinger

About Adam Sinkus

Adam Sinkus is a Culture-Driven Leadership trainer and consultant. He teaches leaders how they can drive the culture of the business. He also shows companies how poor culture and leadership impact productivity and profit. 

He has worked with companies in many verticals over his 10-years in leadership and training. He is soon launching the ACES Leadership Model which blends core leadership principles with culture-driven initiatives to help leaders motivate and build successful teams.

Connect with Adam | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Email | Call Adam

Quotes from this Episode

“Culture isn’t a once-a-year conversation; it’s an everyday conversation.”—Adam Sinkus

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