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Isn’t it super frustrating when you want to learn new things but can’t seem to find the time?

Whether it’s a new language or how to earn passive income, there is so much to learn and so little precious time. But what if you could learn new things without dedicating any additional time throughout your day?

Yes, please!

Call it a life hack, productivity hack, or whatever, over the past few years, I’ve discovered several different times throughout my day that have been perfect for audio learning.

In this episode, I’m sharing my top four ways to learn on the go and the top nine times when I do it. These aren’t the only ones, so tune in, learn the strategies, and then look for more ways to use audio learning in your own life.

Let’s dive on in!

Show Notes

  • Example Times to Use Audio Learning – [02:02]
  • Multitasking is Real!! – [06:20]
  • 1. Learn a New Language – [07:48]
  • 2. Listen to Books Monthly on Audible – [09:56]
  • 3. Subscribe to Podcasts and Listen Daily – [13:36]
  • 4. Listen to Ted Talks and Educational YouTube Videos – [16:05]
  • Active Listening and Audio Learning – [18:44]

Links and Resources from this Episode

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