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On an episode of the SUCCESS Talks podcast, the Success staff played an archived clip from Jim Rohn where he outlined “The Simple Art of Goal Setting.” His method of goal setting is one that he learned from his mentor, John Earl Shoaff, at the early age of 25 and it goes something like this:

  1. Decide what you want.
  2. Write it down. Make a list.
  3. Keep the old lists.
  4. Check things off your list.

Pretty simple, right?

So how can we put Jim’s 4 step goal-setting practice into place in our own lives? I’ve covered it in detail on this week’s episode of the Daily New Year’s podcast.

Show Notes

  • An Introduction to Jim Rohn – [00:30]
  • Only 20% of People Set Goals – [02:42]
  • 1. Decide on What You Want (and Why) – [03:12]
  • 2. Write Your Goals Down and Make a List – [04:46]
  • 3. Keep Your Old Lists – [07:47]
  • 4. Check Things Off Your List – [09:24]

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