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Have you ever heard of self-limiting beliefs?

I until very recently, I had never heard the term, but upon learning what it is, I knew it was something that I had. A Self-limiting belief is any belief that you have about yourself that limits you or holds you back in some way or another.

Whether they are super specific, like “I can’t dance!” or whether they’re generic like “I’m just not good enough,” self-limiting beliefs can cause some lasting damage.

But the good news is that they can be unlearned, and I’m going to tell you how in this week’s podcast.

Show Notes

  • What are Self-Limiting Beliefs – [01:14]
  • “I can’t dance!” – A Personal Story – [01:35]
  • Self-Limiting Beliefs Can Be Damaging – [03:19]
  • “Self-Limiting Beliefs are the Biggest Obstacle Standing in the Way of Your Full Potential.” – [04:10]
  • Richard Branson, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and More – [04:34]
  • Unlearning Self-Limiting Beliefs – [06:02]
  • Techniques for Dealing with Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • 1. Identify Your Self-Limiting Beliefs and Tell Yourself “They’re Not True” – [07:20]
  • 2. Choose New Beliefs- [08:35]
  • 3. Act As-If- [10:13]
  • Dealing with Your Self-Limiting Beliefs – [11:20]

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Quotes from this Episode

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” Napoleon Hill

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