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Do you often talk yourself out of things you want to do?

At the time of this recording, it’s about 14 degrees outside. During the winter, it can be difficult to get out of bed in the morning, but I manage to keep my morning routine and my favorite habits strong by using the strategies found in this episode of the podcast.

What are these strategies?

This week, I’m talking about how connecting a strong “why” to your ambitions can help build strong, new habits. But it doesn’t stop with finding your “why” – once we do that, we can use our “why” to reduce our internal arguments by forming a non-negotiable mindset.

Interested? It’s a short episode, so let’s go!

Show Notes

  • Understanding optional and non-negotiable choices – [00:53]
  • Attach a “Why” to things you want to do – [03:05]
  • Building new habits with a non-negotiable mindset – [05:00]
  • Overcoming internal arguments – [07:45]

Links and Resources from this Episode

Quotes in this Episode

“Let’s you and I get rid of this whole ‘how’ thing just for a second. ‘How’ is not as important as ‘why’ or ‘what’. […] Reasons come first and answers come second. If you get a big enough ‘why’, you can do anything. The problem with your view of ‘I don’t know how.’ is you’re focusing on ‘how’. You can figure out the ‘how’ if you got a strong enough ‘what’ and ‘why’. Tony Robbins

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