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My name is Austin Bollinger and my mission is to help you ditch your New Year’s Resolutions and, instead, help you crush your goals every single day, and all year long.

But before I dive into my story and why I started Daily New Years, I want to take a second to tell you a little bit about myself.

Who am I?

I’m a husband to my high school sweetheart, Callie (12 years strong), doggy dad, proud uncle (5 nephews and 1 niece), weightlifter, beer lover, and lifetime learner. I love spending time with my wife and my dogs, generating content for Daily New Years, and guest writing for Lifehack and Addicted2Success.

I’m obsessed with goal setting, but as you’ll see, it wasn’t always that way.

photo of Austin Bollinger and some of his family at a demolition derby in 2017
photo of Austin's two dogs, Lily and Rosie, sleeping in the floor
photo of Austin Bollinger and his wife Callie at a wedding in 2017

Photo of Austin Bollinger and his wife Callie in 2017

Currently, I’m the Chief Operations Officer at a Digital Agency in Cape Girardeau, Missouri called Element 74. I went to college for a degree in graphic design and photography but fell in love with video production soon after.

From there, I’ve cycled my way through various skills, jobs, passions, and so on. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been an ambitious, driven, and self-motivated person, but for most of my life, I struggled with clarity and focus.

For a long time, I didn’t have clear, long-term goals for my life. I’m not even sure I ever practiced regular goal setting. Sure, every year I would set a New Year’s Resolution, and I might have a random, fitness goal in mind, but nothing ever too meaningful or future-focused.

Sometime in early 2017, I got tired of postponing my self-improvement. I got tired of waiting to set one huge goal on January 1st, only to quit less than 45 days later.

Something finally clicked! I began writing my goals down, started consuming personal development content, and I was building a daily routine around my goals.

One Fall morning in October I was following my usual routine: wake up at 4:45, head off to the gym, tune into a podcast, and hit the weights. I was training for the 1,250lb club, and my goal was to pass the test by Christmas.

photo of Austin Bollinger of Daily New Years deadlifting 475 pounds

Photo of Austin Bollinger deadlifting 445 pounds in 2017

photo of Daily New Years origination journal entry

As I was listening to a podcast, resting for another lift, a thought hit me like a bolt of lightning! What if more people set goals every month, every week, or every day? What if we could channel the energy of New Years into each and every day?

No sooner than the idea jumped into my head, a name and mission followed: Daily New Years, a blog about starting new things and striving for continual improvement all year long.

I raced home a wrote it down in my journal.

Daily New Years was born!

Since that Fall day in 2017, I have been pursuing my goals with passionate energy. I’ve been pouring everything I have into this blog, I’ve been building a community, learning how to podcast, and so much more!

I’m not perfect – at all! I love talking about goals setting, personal development, motivation, and more, but I make mistakes and sometimes I struggle to take my own advice, but I’m working to become Better Every Day.

I warmly invite you to do the same. We can all become better every day by taking action towards our goals and building momentum towards our dreams. All it takes is one action.

You are only one goal – one action – away from achieving GREATNESS in your life! Take action today and watch your life transform!

photo of Austin Bollinger, Founder of Daily New Years, in his home office in 2018

Photo of Austin Bollinger, Founder of Daily New Years

You are only one goal – one action – away from
achieving GREATNESS in your life!
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